Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services Managing Partners
The Managing Partners of Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services are all former employees of Dukes Titan Aviation and DTS Aircraft Refueling Equipment. They are highly experienced in the Aviation and Aircraft Refueling Equipment Industries.

Each Managing Partner takes an active and hands-on role in the day-to-day operations of the company to maintain the high levels of service and quality that customers expect. When you become a customer of Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services, you will be communicating directly with one or all of the Managing Partners.   
Mr. Gary Binkley               Email Gary

Managing Partner Gary Binkley provides Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services over 30 years of management and administration experience.

Starting as a production foreman in a machine shop, Gary received a series of promotions that ultimately lead to his placement as the Plant Operations Manager overseeing all plant operations including manufacturing, purchasing, inventory control, maintenance, vendor relations and administration.

Gary has served as an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coordinator responsible for all required EPA reporting and has worked extensively with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).
He also has extensive experience with plant start-up operations having been charged with managing the set-up of production lines, training of line workers, preparing budgets and implementing cost standards for these production lines. Gary’s oversight has resulted in productivity levels of 98% and gross margin profits of 60%.

Gary’s strengths are customer relations, vendor relations, purchasing, managing people, efficient manufacturing and producing and delivering orders on-time and on-budget.
Mr. Tim Springer              Email Tim

Managing Partner Tim Springer gives Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services over 25 years of highly diverse aviation refueling equipment experience. Tim has an extensive and thorough understanding of all aspects relating to the design, production, manufacturing and maintenance of various types of aircraft refueling equipment and aviation refueler trucks.

Tim has earned a well respected reputation within the aviation and aircraft  refueling equipment industries as a leading expert in equipment design, functionality, maintenance and repair. He has been called upon frequently throughout his career to travel to locations throughout the world to assist customers with his expertise and troubleshooting abilities to keep their fleets of aircraft refueling equipment operational.
Tim possesses a diverse set of skills and abilities that includes the following: truck design, safety, weight distribution, component layout, component rebuilds, fueling system controls, sensors, hydraulics, electrical systems, pipe sizing, pipe layout, filters, flow rates, meters, pumps and tanks. Furthermore, he has extensive experience with pressure settings and pressure testing, fuel testing, tank venting, Department of Transportation (DOT) tank testing, American Trucking Association (ATA) Fuel Quality 103 and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 407 Compliance.

He is also skilled in all mechanical aspects of refueling truck tankers including: engines, transmissions, rear ends, drive lines, pumps and programming. Tim has worked directly with truck frames, truck bodies, painting, welding and iron work. He is well versed in welding mig, spool gun, tig, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
Mr. Bill Liebrecht             Email Bill

Managing Partner Bill Liebrecht provides Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services with over 25 years of parts inventory control, shipping and receiving experience.

Bill possesses strong skills with managing and controlling inventory as evidenced by an inventory accuracy rate in excess of 98% throughout his career. Bill has extensive experience with establishing proper bills of material and supporting the efficiency of production lines with inventory and materials.

He provides vast knowledge, skills and experience with both domestic and international shipping. He works closely with shipping companies to control costs and expenditures and is well versed in the documentation requirements of international shipping to ensure orders are delivered to customers on time. 

Bill’s strengths are organization, cost controls, efficiency and managing people.    

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The Managing Partners of Findlay Aviation and Transportation Services
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